This blog project aims to create a forum for sharing ideas and discussing issues between US and Slovak students. New discussion topics, articles, or videos will be posted weekly covering issues relevant to the Maturita exam (the required nationwide school-leaving exam for Slovak students leaving secondary school) . Students from either country can propose issues, questions, or articles for discussion by emailing american lecturer Alicia Steinmetz at alicia.steinmetz@gmail.com. They should be related in some way to the following topics:

Family, Shopping and Services, Man and Society, Young People and Society, Fashion and Clothes, Healthcare, Jobs and Employment, Literature and Books, Mass Media, Science and Technology, Slovakia, Sports, Traveling, Housing, School and Study, Communication and its Forms, Food, Human Relations, Man and Nature, Role Models and Ideals, Towns and Places, Multicultural Society

Students are encouraged to post comments and express their views on the topics listed. Comments that are inappropriate or disrespectful will be deleted.


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